LBP Mobile Crash

Ok.. Will probably loose entered data then.. Can't remember syncing yet.. Did hard reboot, tried from background and from airplane mode.. All same
Sweet, I already synced before.. So didn't loose any info.. Deleted and reloaded.. See going forward.. Never crashed before
For future FYI, both Android and iOS can clear app data/cache without having to reinstall. Just write down your settings prior to doing so because they will be reset. And if it is a game, you will lose your progress so make sure you have a backup!
This also happened to Andy both of you are APDL Beta Testers testing the 7.2 build. I'm going to see if it's something from the new area of APDL causing this.

Ken - please don't do anything, let me investigate first
I'm not seeing anything. Let's refresh your cloud account from your PC when you can by clicking Cloud Sync / Sync Now and then sync your app. If you have any problems after that let me know and please send me a problem report from the app if you're ever able to get into the app after this happens without a reinstall required.
Just tried to open LBPm and it won't make it past the logo before crashing. I have used it since moving to iOS 9 so I don't believe it's a compatibility issue.
I moved this thread to the private APDL Beta Forum as it seems to be affecting only APDL Beta Testers. It may be our diagnostics tool having an issue between Logbook Pro (older) and APDL BETA (newer). I will check with the vendor to see if this could possibly be an issue. For now you will have to delete and reinstall Logbook Pro to clear the issue.