Need Info License Activation Problem


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Jan 21, 2015

I am a pt. 91 corporate user.
I bought LBP standard on 1/3/2013. (Order 584511)
I upgraded to LBP professional on 10/4/2014 (order 766386) so that I could use my laptop as well as my home desktop.
on 10/24/2014 (order 771561), I bought another copy of LBP Standard so that I could access my logbook on my Work Desktop.

Everytime I log into any of my computers, it forces me to re activate the computer. With one standard and one professional license, I should be able to use three computers to access my logbook, according to the terms of service. I notice that both the license I bought on 1/2/2013 and 10/24/2014 have the same license code, and the code from the upgrade will not activate anything.

Can you please help me use the software licenses that I paid for?

I deleted your second post to keep your information confidential. Please contact and we'll gladly assist you. Here are common steps related to your issue which may help you resolve this matter:

1) Make sure you have the latest version installed which is 1.16.9
2) You must first activate with your base edition code which is the 01-01 Standard Edition license
3) Then apply your upgrade license (01-05 code)

If you require further assistance let us know. Thank you for your business.
Enter the name and unlock code EXACTLY as issued in your order. You can find your codes at

If you require further assistance please reply to your help desk ticket and we'll take it from there.
ok, but I own 2 standard licenses, both of which show the same unlock code. (and the pro upgrade for one of them) And EVERY time I log into a different computer, it asks me to activate.