Lockable columns in Logbook Pro


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Feb 19, 2005
I've been having a devil of a time getting my columns to stay in the order in which I want them. I've made a couple custom columns, but my Landings Day and Landings Night columns keep moving around all over the place whenever I close the program and restart it. I may have actually found a place where they'll stay, but only through trial-and-error, and their definitely not where I want them! I'd really like to see a fix come out where you can place the columns in the order you want them, and then somehow have a LOCK button or icon so that they will STAY IN PLACE whenever you close and restart. Or maybe even a dialog box that could come up with all your available columns and which order you'd like them in.


The columns should remember their location anytime the position is changed or a column is resized. Try placing the columns as you wish then just to be sure, resize one of the columns slightly. Then close the spreadsheet area and reopen it. Does it open as it was after you rearranged the columns?


No, I've tried this as you've suggested it before in an email to me, but for the Landings Day and Landings Night columns, nothing seems to work. I've tried moving them and not resizing, moving them both and resizing one, moving them and resizing both, resizing them before moving them, resizing after moving them, resizing and moving other columns to get them into place, resizing them alot AND a little... Whenever I put them exactly where I want them AND resize them, and then either I close the spreadsheet area or the exit the entire program and reopen, when the spreadsheet reopens they are in a different spot. Then I even tried to move them to a different spot more towards the end of the line on the spreadsheet and they would stay there, but then other columns would move their positions!

So, as I mentioned, through trial and error, I believe I may have found a spot in the line-up where they like to be and might just stay without further disrupting the line. But it is most definitely NOT where I would want them...

I formerly used Flight Level 2002 software to keep my computerized log, but for some reason when I went to print out the log it would do something very strange to my totals, and I would end up with over 25,000 flight hours (when I've only got 900 TT!!). Although I would love to have that much flight time, I don't think any airline would believe me when they saw that print out of only 400 records...

But, after almost 3 years of using that other software, I've definately gotten used to where the Day and Night Landing colums were, and now that they are in a different spot, it's definately going to slow my transfer of data from the old to the new software.

I really like the power of Logbook Pro, but I would really like to know how to fix this problem permanently. If need be, for now, I will work with the columns as they are (so that I don't have to readjust them every time I open the program). But if you could look into why this is happening, and come up with a good, permanent solution, even if it is for any future versions, I would greatly appreciate it.
Please send a backup (File..Archive..Backup) to support@nc-software.com and tell me exactly where to place the columns so I can reproduce the issue.

As for the time discrepancy, it sounds like your import may not have selected the proper source time format. Typically FlightLevel data is stored in "minutes" therefore the first dialog of the Import Wizard (lower left) you need to specify the correct time format for Logbook Pro to convert.

I have made a backup of the logbook as far as I've gotten it so far. As for the transferring of data, I haven't actually tried to import the old Flight Level logbook into Logbook Pro, I'm just doing it by tiling the two program windows horizontally and reading a line off the old and manually transferring it to Logbook Pro. That's why it's taking so long, because the fields are different, so instead of just reading along and transferring field by field, I have to skip forwards and backwards to get the information in the correct fields.

I'll email that back up file to you right away and tell you where I want each column.