Log book Pro Help


Jul 17, 2007
Alright so I was able to make a file.

How do I?

Enter previous flight time so that the log book pro can use previous time. Just AS I would if I was starting a new log book.

And also, I was able to sync APDL and Logbook pro and it came up with something that looked like a spread/logpage. I chose to have the entry's per day and not leg, but it only shows one airlplane when muiltiple airplanes were used.


more question later, If I didn't pay so much for the program i would of scrapped it already. I also paid for another program I didn't need, I'm 100 dollars in the hole and so far it's not doing what I though it was going to go for me... very frustrating, only my fault, I'm not program savvy.

To carry forward prior flight time, please see this KB article. The PDA Wizard uses the Default A/C Type for your incoming data unless it finds the N-Number already logged in Logbook Pro. Please review the forums for more information on the PDA Wizard. Here is an example of what one customer did.

I also invite you to review the Logbook Pro documentation and other support resources to help you become more familiar with the software.