Logbook CD


Nov 15, 2001

Well I ordered the Logbook binder, still waiting for it to come by the mail guy. I'm sure I'll have alot of question when I go to print everything out.

Here's a question though. When I purchesed this program, I opted for the CD as well. Do I need the unlock code for it? ( the one I used for registering it) Is there somewhere in the program where I can write it down, it case my puter smokes itself?

Let me know so I can write it down on that beatiful orage CD you sent me.

As far as the code goes, I can't find the email ya'll sent me.

Your favorite idiot

The leather binder ships from MGOent usually within 24-48 hours of your order (closer to the 24 side). There are instructions in the help file for printing to the MGOent binder and how to trim the pages and punch holes.

Yes, I know, I mis-clicked and instead of white I ordered orange CD labels, well, you can find them in the dark at least!

The CD contains the identical software that's downloaded, i.e. it requires an unlock code. The unlock code is issued on your invoice, which says to print for your records, and is e-mailed to help you file a soft copy. Once that information is lost, it cannot be regenerated per our policy at www.nc-software.com/default.htm?target=policies.

Let me know if there are any other questions. Thanks for using this forum so others can learn from your questions.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.