Logbook default settings after import


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Nov 7, 2003
Every time I import to my logbook every setting from color to displayed fields in the logbook go back to the default. I highly personalize my logbook and it gets annoying to have to re configure my logbook every month
-(I import data from a scheduling program after each month).

Is there something I'm not doing, or is this just the way it works?


Is the file name of your Logbook data file changing? How exactly do you import? If you are using the same file, and just importing the Import Wizard or PDA sync, then this isn't possible! The customizations are saved to your systems registry, and the only way they get removed is if you DELETE a logbook data file, the settings are purged, or if the file name changes, then the pointer to the settings is broken. Other than that, there's no way for the settings to get purged/removed in this process.

Thanks for the quick response!

I just went through theprocess with a weeks worth of flights. It didn't change my settings this time (of course), but it has four other times. Here's how I did it then and now.

Import Flight Log
-append to data
-backup prior
load template

Using this same method theprevious times(which were in version1.9.3-- I now have .4) it would import the data into my logbook andwould default all default to the two-tone green and all of the non-selected columns (flight cost, evaluator, etc.) appeared. All of the data was correct though. The file name hasn't changed.

It seems to work fine now, I'll let you know if it happens again.