Logbook Display Options


Sep 19, 2005
Hello Sir,

I have added a custom time field to the logbook display options and selected it. The custom field is not being displayed in the spreadsheat style logbook so that I can easily edit the data. The custom time field is however included in the display of my Jeppessen style custom template.

Can you help me get the custom time field displayed in the spreadsheet style logbook?

Thank You.

Try resetting the layout in the spreadsheet style area. You can do this by clicking the far left icon on the sub-toolbar then choose the RESET layout option. If that doesn't work go into the Options...Custom area and add one letter to the name of your custom field. Close options, go to the spreadsheet style log again and see if the field appears. If not, go into Options...Flight Log and then Config Display. At the bottom, make sure the field is checked. Finally, go back into the Options area and take off the extra letter you added to force the system to reset.