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Oct 30, 2007
I just opened LBP and it said it needed to update. I let it and it made a XXX.old file. It went to a new file called XXX.lbk and told me to add aircraft settings under options.

Everything is gone... everything. And it won't let me do anything unless I enter all the aircraft I fly. Or at least one I suspect.

What's up?

This is caused when your computer locks the data file and puts Logbook Pro into update mode as a side effect and causes this. This can be caused by Microsoft recently putting all of the personal folders such as /Documents into OneDrive and when not logged in to OneDrive this can happen.

To resolve this find your latest file ending in .OLD located in your /Documents/My Logbook Pro/v1 folder and send it to support via the help desk. It's an internal backup done prior to all upgrades. We'll extract the data file out of it and send it back to you.

Nothing is lost.

What you may want to do is put your data file ending in .LBK that we send you back into a folder of its own such as C:\Logbook Pro Data. With Logbook Pro closed double-click on the .LBK file and Logbook Pro will now open it from the new folder location.
So, I can't simply restore from a backup?
Sure, if it has your latest data that's an option. The .BAK file is just a zip file too. You can rename the file to end in .ZIP instead of .BAK then unzip it and you'll find your .LBK file. Put the .LBK file where you want it and double-click it while Logbook Pro is closed.
OK. It's headed your way. My B-U didn't include a major rewrite of my airports...

Thank you.
OK, no it's not says the file is too big.
OK, no it's not says the file is too big.

Glad it's fixed but I suggest doing the steps below to optimize your file as it sounds like it's bloated which can also contribute to the problem you had.
  1. Backup your data file by clicking File > Backup to File (or Cloud)
  2. Click Help > About Logbook Pro
  3. Double-Click the scrolling image in the middle of the dialog
  4. A support dialog will appear. Click the TOP option
  5. Close out of the dialogs and answer YES to proceed.