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Logbook interface for JAR


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Feb 28, 2002
Hi everyone,

I finally had some time to create a end-user version of my logbook pro conversion to print out a JAR FCL logbook (based on the jeppesen layout JAR). Please read the pdf file before using. If you need any help, email me off forum. This conversion requires MS Access 2000 or newer.

Feedback is welcome


6/1/2006 Edited instruction file uploaded

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  • JAR FCL Logbook - End User.zip
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  • JAR JEPPESEN PRINTOUT FOR Logbook Pro users.pdf
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I am getting some errors when I try use your program. I get an error message when trying to locate my lgb file. I have translated the error from my native language, so they may not be 100% correct:

Makroname: LinkTableManager

Condition: True

Action Name:Runcommand

Please give me some more info (version access etc) off forum. just mail me at: jacco@vliegt.nl

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But Remember, Attitudes are Contagious!
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Attachement Removed?

Hi everyone, due to some email requests I found out that my beloved conversion for JAR Layout ha been removed from the forum (for unknown reason??). If you are interested in this little MS Access conversion, just mail me: jacco@vliegt.nl (with a obvious subject to prevent being labeled SPAM)

Thank you all for your interest...
NC Software said:

It was not intentional, attachments did not carry forward from the prior forum software that was used. My apologies.
No problem, figured as much, I'll repost as soon as I get home for a change...