Logbook Never Fully Updated


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Dec 2, 2001
When I switched to the new 1.6.214 build, I saved my old logbook .lbk file in a safe place as directed. As an additional precaution, I disabled and saved the entire program in a safe place. However, when I started up the new build, when the program asked for my old file it changed it and the file size went from 3358K down to 1800K. Additionally, it failed to display my actual log. It only didplays basic information but none of my original log from the previous version. I still have the old .lbk file in tact. The new build seems to work fine, but I just don't have a log anymore. My question is has all the data been saved? What should I do now?

Steve Nordahl
E-mail support@nc-software.com and attach your old .lbk (zip compressed using Winzip for example) or your .bak file and I'll update it for you. There is a bug in the updater from one of the prior builds, it's not carrying forward your log data. When I update it, all will appear fine, nothing is lost!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Thanks Neal,

File has been sent your way. I included both the .bak & .lbk files.

Thanks for the effort.

Steve Nordahl
It's on the way. I looked at your data file (pre-conversion) and it showed a very old version. What version of Logbook Pro did you have prior to update to 1.6.214? I'm trying to track down this updating bug and it appears only to be an issue with very early versions.


Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.

The older version I was using was 1.5.1

I hope that puts you right on the tail of that runaway bug.

Steve Nordahl,
Bethlehem, Pa.