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Nov 15, 2001
I purchased this logbook and Im transferring all my logbooks to it one line at a time. My question is, am I able to break done say Logbook 1 and start another named Logbook number 2 then add the two toghether later or do I have to add everything to just the one logbook. Im transferring 10 years of info and would like to start the logbbok, add todays flights and exit rahter then scrolling down to the very last entry. Just curious if there was a easy way to do this or can I make multiple logbooks for certain areas of flying that I did.

Ex. I flew frieght for two years. Can I make just a kogbook for the frieght hauling I did then another for the airline flying Im doing now. If so, if I need to tally up everything, how can I bring all the logbooks togehter to give me all the totals?

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I think I understand your question, if not, let me know and I'll continue until you get your question answered.

First off, the Enterprise Edition has the ability to create unlimited logbook data files, so you can have separate logbook files if desired. I recommend, however, that you put all of your data into one data file, this way you can get better data analysis results with all of your data in one place and not have to do any manual math (with me, this could be a problem!).

You do not have to enter your flights in order. When the logbook area opens up, it automatically sorts the data chronologically for you. You can enter today's flight, flights from 10 years ago, flights from two weeks ago, and Logbook Pro will line it all up based on date for you.

Let me know if this does not answer your question. There is also some information in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area of www.logbookpro.com if you want to see about some other options for transferring in data.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.

Thaks for the reply. Yea, I'll just put it all on one then. I'm still typing away and was checking out some of the features when I noticed that for every entry I was putting in it was logging one day landing. Im not sure why, but am I able to delete that section? I never did keep track of my landings and don't want it to show up on the complete summary. Again thanks in advance for the support.
The default is for Logbook Pro to enter 1 day landing for each flight entry. You can configure this in the Options...Autofill area, by each aircraft type. Notice how at the bottom you can set the landing option.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.