logbook pro not opening after installing new version


New member
Oct 28, 2004
When opening logbook pro the install shield wizard began running an update (1.9.7). After it ran, logbook pro won't open but the task manager says logbook pro is running.

I suggest try uninstalling Logbook Pro then download the full build of 1.9.7 from the download link on the left and install the full build to see if that resolves your issue. If not, please e-mail your backup (.BAK) file to support@nc-software.com or if you don't have a recent backup, find your data file (ends with .LBK) and ZIP compress it and e-mail the ZIP file for review. But first, try the uninstall/reboot/reinstall and see if that resolves your issue.

I uninstalled logbook pro and clicked on download from the website. I am not sure what you meant about the full build of the download so I assumed you meant click on the download button and not the four individual ones below it. After doing that logbook pro will not come up. I think I succesfully emailed you the backup.
So you do see a Logbook Pro icon in the Windows Task Bar (bottom of your screen)? And if so, when you right-click and choose Maximize nothing happens? Okay, contact support@nc-software.com and let's take a few other steps to handle this offline.