Logbook Pro Not Running


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Jan 6, 2003
I have upgraded to the latest version of 1.8.8 I have had this problem since version 1.5 I click on the link and it starts to run, but nothing shows up on the screen. After a while and opening up the windows programs running window and you see Log Book Pro listed, but then it says (not responding) next to it. I am wondering if maybe I deleted something from windows or another program that might have caused this problem. I have tried un-isntalling and re-installing the program. Any help would be appreciated.

Jason T. Davidson
I uninstalled, then rebooted and went and downloaded all the drivers. I then installed version 1.8.8 of Log Book Pro. When I click on the icon to run it the hour glass shows up next to the arrow on the screen, but no program. After awhile I hit ctrl+alt+del and there it is in the close program box. Of course it is showing (not responding) next to it once again.

Anyhing else I might try?

Jason T. Davidson
I'm not so sure it will help any. I was having these problems just before version 1.8 came out and as soon as 1.8 came out I was trying to install those newer versions and was still getting the same thing. I am thinking it is something internal with my computer or operating system. I have been checking for viruses, but havent come up with anything. This problem lies within just getting Logbook Pro to run. I don't have a PDA to operate. Thanks for the help.

Jason T. Davidson

If you have a few green stamps you can part with, I highly recommend getting rid of Windows 98, one of Microsofts worst operating systems and upgrade to Windows XP. Logbook Pro runs much faster on XP as well as 2000.

Neal Culiner
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