Logbook Pro PDA Wizard


Mar 18, 2006
Hi Guys,
Just installed the new version, and I'm having a slight problem.
The new version has installed ok, and very nice it looks too!
However, where my problem starts is with the new PDA Wizard. Initially I am asked to activate the licence. I use a HP PPC.The first step of the NC Licence Activation asks me to select the product to activate - in my case the last option - APDL Pocket PC OS.
I selected this, but as soon as I satarted typing my name into the Name field, the product licence to activate defaulted to Logbook Pro ( PC - Upgrade). This pretty much kept happening all the time as the Licence Activation box was filled in, until that is the last box - email - was filled in. At this point I think it defaulted to APDL Palm OS (as has happened with each subsequent attempt). All seemed ok until I tried to use the wizard when it showed APDL Palm as the licenced product. When I tried to correct this it comes up with Registration failed - Invalid Lock code! The code is correct. So how do I go about getting my Pocket PC to be the licenced product.?
Regards ,

P.S. Do I also have to activate Logbook Pro (PC Upgrade)?
Hello Myles,

Don't worry about the radio button selection at the top, it will automatically change based off the unlock code entered as it determines what product is being activated by the code.

In order to sync any PDA with Logbook Pro, both all sides must be registered, i.e. Logbook Pro on the PC and the PDA product.

PDA Registrations are as follows:

01-09 = APDL Palm OS
01-10 = APDL Pocket PC
01-07 = Logbook Pro Palm Companion
01-08 = Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion

I received your inquiry via e-mail and you do have a 01-09 number. If you wish to license the Pocket PC Companion, a separate license can be purchased from our online store. Each platform is licensed separately. If you require further assistance, please contact sales@nc-software.com as we cannot assist with registration issues on the public forum.