Logbook & Report sorting


New member
Apr 28, 2008
I am a new user & member so please forgive me if this post is a duplicate, although I have searched all the past posts and do not see this subject.

I would like to change the sort order of how my logbook displays and prints. I see how I can sort on one column but I would like the logic of sorting on multiple columns as some of the past logbook data is incomplete so a multiple column sort will make up for the data deficiencies.

The sort I would like is in the following priority Date, Time, Hobbs where Time and Hobbs are user added fields.

Any recommendations on how to do this?
Just after posting this I notice that there is a prior post speaking to this issue. There is a post from TrapAv8r on 2-27-05 that discusses this and the response states that it is a non-issue in future releases. I am on the most current release and cannot see how to accomplish this, nor can I see it in the help text. Please advise.