Logbook syncrination

Ernest R Nevin

New member
Apr 30, 2003
I must have missed something. I have been using Logbook Pro Standard version on my desktopfor yearsand purchased Professional VersionUpgrade on 2/26/05 in order to have sync capability with my lap top. I downloaded the upgrade to my laptop which I beleive was a mistake but I'm not sure.
Now I have pro edition on my laptop and standardedition on my laptop and in viewing your tutorial, I cannot sync with a standard version.
Where should I go from here!
Hello Ern,

You'll need the Professional Edition on both computers and follow the documentation as well as refer to this article for tips on syncing two computers with the Professional Edition. Use your purchased upgrade code on the computer showing the Standard edition (Help...Upgrade) to bring it up to the Professional Edition level.

Unfortunately, still having problems. On my desktop Standard Version, there was no upgrade option under Help tab. I then went to the Tutorials, Misc and found Online Upgrade, when I went to this, it goes to the store and I'm back to needing to purchase the Pro version of which I already purchased and downloaded on my Laptop. Where do I go from here?