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LogbookPro update problem


Jul 31, 2006
Just updated to ver. 1.10.25. My previous version worked fine. After opening LogbookPro, I get the "LogbookPro Update" window with several choices: Synconize..., Run the Update, Backup my logbook, or Quit. Sync.. doesn't apply; if I pick "Update" the program asks if I want to continue, I say yes and it Quits. If I say "Back up..." it won't go to the CD drive with my data disk. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but same thing happens. I have my Unlock code from my original puchase on Feb 16, 2005 from Sporty's.
I have resubmitted a support ticket to include my zip compressed .lbk data file. Sorry, I had to figure out how to compress a file. WinXP does not include this feature, I guess, so I downloaded WinZip10.

This would all be so much easier for computer neophites like me if you had a phone number to call. I think we could have completed this in about five minutes instead of several days. I have been using this program for only one type of aircraft I fly as a test to see if it will work for me. It seems so far to be easy to input flight data, but it's the other tasks like saving to a CD or updating the program where I have had problems.

Thanks in advance for the assistance.
Neil, I completed the instructions you sent me via email. This restored the program; however the .BAK file is missing the last year and a half of data, this is quite a few flights. I tried to access my CD backup, but the old problem remains. Any way to recover the lost data? Help!


Send me any .BAK files you have, or zip compressed .LBK files. Reply to your existing support ticket for any future correspondence on this issue or if you have files for my review.

The file you sent me may have been corrupt which is why you are experiencing a problem. Per the documentation, we do not support backups to CD media, you need to backup to your local hard drive then copy the .BAK file to your media of choice.

I reviewed the data file you sent me again and it did not show as corrupt at all. The data within the file you provided had 187 entries ranging from 4/4/02 - 10/26/04. Could you have sent me an older file by any chance?

I think I found the problem -- I have been spelling your name wrong in each post! Sorry.

I sent an explanation of what might really have happened in a reply to the support ticket related to this problem.

Thanks, Neal !!