Long Story But Need help


Mar 26, 2002
I have 1.7 on this computer (laptop). I have 1.6 on the computer at our hangar. I saved the 1.7 and I think a 1.8 version to a cd so I could install it at the hangar. I have had no luck in doing this because it tells me that I need to be online to upgrade and we have no internet service at the hangar.

Question: Is there anyway to upgrade the computer at the hangar without getting online?

The computer at the hangar is an antique 486 and I finally upgraded and have a newer one. I installed the 1.6 from the old computer and everything went ok. I was able to transfer my data from one to the other and everything is working fine for me. I stll can't upgrade because it wants me online.

Question: This is where I am having a real problem. I transfered my data from my laptop(version 1.7) to the new computer (version 1.6). My partner has his log book stored on the old computer and I tried to transfer his data to the new computer and it says something like I need to sync the system or something like that or another option to update or something like that. When I go to sync the program, it shuts down. How can I get his log book from the old computer to the new computer. I tried a few times trying different things with no luck.

Thanks, Jim Leon

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
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Nov 14, 2001

An Internet connection is not required to upgrade. Download 1.9.3 (or wait a few days for 1.9.4's release) and put it on a CD (or order a Software CD from /secure.nc-software.com) and you can install from that.

As for the other issue, i.e. shutting down on you. E-mail me your logbook data file backup (.bak) or a winzip compressed .LBK file, and I'll upgrade it to 1.9.x for you.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.