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Lookback Summary


Nov 6, 2003
In the Lookback Report, which currently lists the number of flights and hours over various time periods, would it be possible to simply add the number of approaches to this list?

I realize that we can see whether we have the necessary 6 approachs in 6 calendar months by setting up the currency page (which I've done), but I would like to see these approach values in the Lookback Report page, if possible.

Approaches are already available on the top bar of the Flight Stats page 'Apps'. Although not broken down, it does provide you the approach totals.

Neal, so I understand which page you are referring to, can you tell me where to find the Flight Stats page 'Apps'?
My apologies, for some reason I was thinking this was a PDA discussion as the PC side has approach data in multiple places. On the PDA, there is a 'Flight Stats' button on the bottom section. As for the PC, you can get approach data from at least these areas:

-Reports...Flight Log...Percentages Summary
-Reports...Flight Log...Flight Log Summary...Grand Totals
-The Analyzer (which can be printed)

Neal, the pages you referenced do not provide the approach data in conjunction with a Lookback feature (i.e. back 6 months, 1 month, etc.). That's why I thought it would be helpful to include the approach stats on the Lookback Page referenced above.

I understand if you choose not to implement such feature, but I want to make sure I'm expressing this clearly.