Resolved Looking for APDL Palm and Pocket PC Test Data

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Neal Culiner

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Nov 14, 2001
Hello All,

If you have APDL Palm or Pocket PC data that you'll be importing into APDL for iOS we would like to get more user's test data to test our upcoming importer. Please e-mail if you are someone looking to use the importer. We will need a zip file of all of your APDL Palm or Pocket PC data. As it may be a large zip file please contact us first and tell us how large the zip file is and we'll figure out a way to get the file from you in e-mail correspondence.

Thank you.
Palm OS users

Please zip all the files in the following directory on your computer (C:\Program Files\palmOne\[your palm username]\Backup) (In Vista: ?/Documents/Palm OS Desktop/{Palm Username}?) and let know how big the file is.

Pocket PC users

Can you please zip all the files in the following directory on your PocketPC(/My Documents/APDL) and let us know how big the file is.

If you don't already have winzip it can be downloaded from for free.
Neal or Eric,
I would be happy to send a copy of my APDL Palm backup data for you to work with. Would it be easier to share a Dropbox or OneDrive folder to give you access to and copy the files? The zipped folder is only 152 KB and contains data from 2002.

A zip file can be sent to us via the help desk as long as it's < 30 MB but a dropbox link works too as we'll download it then let you know to remove it. It seems everyone is able to send us zip files so far. Thanks for your help.
Yes, I forget sometimes how small the Palm files are. It's sent. Hope it helps. It turned out to be only 350 kb for all the data going back to 2002, amazing how small.
I sent my zip file on the 9th. Haven't heArd back. Did you get it, use it?
Yes, we responded, you had multiple tickets with your several inquiries so it may have been confusing but yes, we have it and will test with it, thank you for sending it in. You can view all correspondence online at NC Software Help Desk after logging in and viewing your tickets.
Hey, since you have my data, would you be able to just upload it directly to my cloud account?
That is a great idea, wish I had thought of it. But for me there would be a gap since I haven't started using the iOS APDL yet, still on the old Palm. The version of data that I sent to them is getting older by the day.
Any update on legacy importer? I'd like to have 365 days of actual times for cumulative limits.

We are doing final testing now. If you'd like I'll do yours for you and upload it to your account. It would be best to do a day when you are NOT flying so that if something doesn't look right I can restore it back to the prior backup. Let me know a day that works best for you and we'll give it a try. Backup times are 0100 and 1300 for the primary APDL backups so if we could do it after 1300 Eastern that allows me to set you back to the nearest backup time if needed.
I don't mind losing 1 day of data if I can get the historical. I will use my palm for the next couple of days. As soon as you can do it would be great. I did import December and November from crewtrac, but i haven't yet put in the tail numbers or legs flown. Should I delete that stuff so it doesn't interfere with your import? Thanks.
The zip file has 13 years of data. I'd be happy with just 2014 though. Tomorrow would be great. I will delete the December and November stuff that I started importing so there is no conflict. Thanks.
Just 2014 please. Thanks.

I've been replying through email to the notifications the forum sends me. Not sure that you are getting those (says it goes to webmaster) so I reposted this here. The emails don't say "do not reply to this".
Okay, I'll see if I can get it done tonight and let you know. No, you shouldn't be replying by e-mail, it goes to an unattended account. Most here use the forums or the Tapatalk app on their mobile devices which works very nice.

Update: I'm going to wait for Friday morning when I'm rested, calling it a day. Thanks for your patience.
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