MGOEnt Logbook Report Has Math Errors (1.9.5)


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Nov 8, 2002
When I run my logbook in any of the MGOEnt Logbook report formats (I am going to use perforated paper) the bottom line of each page which says "Totals This Page" shows the wrong amount of time compared to the time actually listed on the page. The total listed on the page fails to include the first line entry of that page. However when calculating the "Totals to Date" the math comes out correctly. So in summary: Totals This Page is always wrong by whatever the amount of time is in the very first line of that page, and the Totals to Date is always correct.

The other logbook reports (ie. Jeppesen, native Logbook Pro etc.) show no such error. I have emailed you my backup file. I really need to print these pages this weekend so let me know what is happening...

This is a known bug corrected in the publicly available 1.9.6 beta release. You can download it by clicking here.