MGOEnt paper printing format


New member
May 26, 2005
I've tried to get the MGOEnt logbook to print within the confines of the MGOEnt paper cutoffs and can't seem to get it to work. Any suggestions as to the margins or another setting within logbook pro that I may have missed?

You shouldn't have to adjust any of the page setup options. Be sure you are using, the latest version, and the Split Report series of reports. (Reports...Flight Log...Split Reports).

Always...always...always test on draft paper first prior to using the MGOent paper so as not to lose any of the purchased paper in testing.

Thank you for your quick reply. That worked but now I need help getting the right page to print on the right side. How do you get the first page of data to print on the left hand page?
With the split report system you have total control over which pages (left or right) print as you wish. Or if you have a duplex printer, you can use the Combined tab, swap page margins and click the insert blank page on the combined areas toolbar. Please refer to the documentation for more information. Experiment with a few draft pages until you determine the system that works best for you.