Monthly view show times problem


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Dec 3, 2005

I am evaluating APDL Pocket PC version. I have noticed a problem and have reviewed all FAQ and postings and don't find it addressed. In the monthly view while selecting show or end times all times are displayed in domicile time not in local time (which I have globally selected). When I look at the show or end time in a logbook page it displays the correct local show/end time. For example a three day trip with RON in LGA and DFW Monthly View will show the correct show time for day one at domicile in MKE, a one hour early show time in LGA for day two, and the correct show time for day three in DFW. However all times are the correct local show time on each logbook page for each day and city. Is there some setup I have screwed up?

I have a second issue for taxable per-diem. I have Calculate Taxable Per-diem UNCHECKED in Preferences Pay Rate but on a out and back trip from/to domicile the payroll summary shows taxable per-diem calculated for the trip. I have resaved the logbook page to verify current preferences are applied but taxable per-diem remains calculated. I have even completely deleted the trip and re-entered it but it still calculated taxable per-diem.

Thanks for your response.

All times on the monthly view (crewrest, required rest, whitlow, payroll, expense, and summary) are in your Logbook Timezone.

Only on the main logpage can you use the timezone filter to display the values in either the Logbook, Zulu, Local, or Domicile timezone.
Ok, that is exactly what it's doing. How about the second issue of calculating taxable per-diem even though the option to calculate taxable per-diem is unchecked?
It has been three weeks since originally posting these questions. Neal or Paul can you help with why the program is calculating taxable per-diem when the Calculate Taxable Per-diem is UNCHECKED in Preferences Pay?