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Nov 16, 2007
Hello, searched the FAQ's already. We are a small charter operator. I am looking for a way to better track our pilot duty times and flight records per 91 & 135 Regs. Currently we are using a home grown Excel Spreadsheet which has its limitations.

Is there a version available that will allow us to input data from 8-10 pilots?? At present, we enter our duty times (In and Out), block time, flight time, Inst time, Night Landings, Approaches, Part 91 or 135, and some other misc info at the end of each trip. This info is entered into a spreadsheet where each pilot has his own "Sheet page". The info is then compiled from all the individual "pilot sheets" onto one master "Total Sheet".

I read in one of the customer testimonials that a flight school utilized Logbook Pro to track Instructor and Student data. Sounds to me like you can insert multiple pilot info into one database. If this is the case, I am sold.

Thanks for any help.

Thank you for your interest in Logbook Pro. The Enterprise Edition allows you to have unlimited pilots, however, each pilot is their own data file. We do not yet support multiple pilots in one data file, that is coming in version 2 next year. All of your pilots could keep their data files on a network share, i.e. a company server or dedicated computer to store the data files, then each licensed computer can connect to the network share to access their data. Then whomever handles the accounting requirements would use the Enterprise Edition to open each file and run the required reports. You could also simply have each pilot generate the required reports by a deadline and export the reports to PDF and provide to the person handling the accounting to review. There are many ways to handle this as Logbook Pro is very flexible in this area.

Feel free to download Logbook Pro from our web site and experiment with this functionality.
Sounds good. Since we can install this on a server, does that also mean we can access our Logbook Pro while on the road, from the hotel, and enter the time into the database at the end of each day, rather than wait till we return to base and enter several days worth?? Our computer/network vendor would be able to set this up for us if it is an option.

No, Logbook Pro cannot be installed or run from a server, the data files which are separate from the application can be stored anywhere as long as they can be connected to from a network share. Network shares are typically within a facility and not over the Internet. Version 1 is not really setup for the type of operation you are asking about, version 2 will but that's some time away from now. For now what you have to do is essentially aggregate all of the pilots data files or as I suggested, have them do the reports and turn them in, via e-mail, hard copy, etc.