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My feature requests...


Jun 17, 2005
After having used APDL for some time now the following would greatly improve APDL for me and possibly others:

-Crew data base

-The ability to enter perdiums manually-our perdiums are on a per trip basis.This would help for tracking/estimating my pay

-the ability to calculate credit for Multi day trips based on the entire trip, not just the individual log pages. For example, using TAFB total on a 3 day trip to apply a total trip credit for the entire 3 day trip if this credit was greater than the credit being applied on individual log pages.

-the ability to apply credit based on certain criteria. It would be helpful to be able to stipulate when to apply various credits. For example, when calculating min daily credit I would like to be able to apply min credit only if the day includes either flying or duty credit (ie 1/2 duty) and apply this if greater than the actual flying credit for that day.

-if these credit type of enhancements are unlikely to be developed a method to override the calculated credit and apply the actual credit for any given day or trip would be great.



Paul Auman

APDL Developer
Staff member
May 30, 2005
Dunedin, FL

Thank you for your input. I have added your five ideas to our future enhancement database (FB#810).

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.