Mystery Column in Spreadsheet-Style logbook.


Aug 16, 2005
i don't know how i did it, but somehow i created a mystery column at the beginning my spreadsheet logbook display. if i mouse over where the title would be, i get the down arrow (as if i could sort by that column), but there's nothing shown. it actslike a hole in the spreadsheet, as itshows windows, or the desktop, that are in the background. no other windows i open within logbook pro are having this problem, only the spreadsheet style layout. i tried restoring a backup i made after the problem started, rebooted the program and the computer, and nothing seems to do the trick. does anyone have any idea how to get it back over to the left side, without the gap?
Try resetting the layout. Go into the Spreadsheet Style view, click the far left icon on the second toolbar row ('Logbook Options') and choose the RESET option.

man, you're zippy! i just figured that out and was coming back to retract my question after it worked. thanks!