N Number and AC type


Feb 16, 2005
I used your data entry service to have my logs entered into LogBook Pro. Great service. Becuse of the way I entered data in my paper log book I now have two designators for the same type of AC. Example: a Cessna 152 is now designated as both C152 and C-152 in LogBook Pro. Is there a remidy for this without going through line by line and changing the AC type? Can I tell LogBook Pro to change all AC with a C152 designation to a C-152 designation, or all entries with a N**** tailnumber are now a C-152? Can I make the change in Options? Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

Thank you for the kind words regarding our hard working data entry staff and the service. I can fix this issue you for you if you just want to send your Logbook Pro backup (File..Archive..Backup) in a support ticket and clearly specify what you want merged into what.

If you want to do it yourself, here is the way to go about it. In the Spreadsheet Style data entry area, click the "Aircraft Make & Model" (Type) column header, this will force a sort on this column grouping your C-152 and C152 entries. If you find one set of rows is smaller than the other, change the smaller list to the Type of the other. So if you have fewer C152, change them to C-152, or vice-versa, it doesn't matter which, we just need to consolidate it to one, then we can change it with the final option below with one shot. Before you change a type, select the text in the Ident column and press CTRL+C as when you change the type it's going to change the N-Number on you! After copying the Ident, press SHIFT+TAB to "back tab - left" and then change the type, press TAB then CTRL+V (Paste). Do that for each row.

Once you have the Type changed, whichever one does NOT exist any more, delete from the Options...Aircraft Area. Now for the remaining type, i.e. C152 or C-152, rename the existing entry in the Options...Aircraft area and it will automatically and instantly rename all of those types in the Spreadsheet log area.

If you do decide to do it yourself, BACKUP your data file PRIOR to doing this work so you can fall back to the backup if needed. Again, I'll gladly fix this for you if you'd like us to do it, just submit a ticket with your data file and request.
I might have misunderstood, but in the documentation for the AIRCRAFT data entry box it says that somehow you should be able to edit the make and model of the aircraft and that will change the make for all the entries. but unfortunately this has not been operative in my experience- to bad- that would have been a huuuge timesaver.
Yes, that's how it works. Let's say you enter C-172 and make logbook entries. You can come back and change it to C172 (no hyphen) and it will automatically reflect this change in the logbook assuming you don't already have a separate entry for C172.
I am not quite getting it. as an example. I have numerous entries in my logbook for DO-328JET and numerous entries for DO-328JET-10. In reality there is only one type, (the -10 is heavier version). So I would like to make all my - 10 entries into just the DO-328JET. A follow up note I have imported 5500 entries from tab delimited data so the program was angry with me for not having all the aircraft type info inserted in the "aircraft" option so all the information on each type has been completed - is this what is preventing me from making the change?
You're trying to merge two TYPES instead of rename on. You can't rename X-10 to X because you have log entries for both. If you want them merged into a single type DO-328JET then submit a support ticket and include your Logbook Pro backup. Be very clear in what you want done i.e. merge XYZ-10 into XYZ.
Ok - got it! thank you- that's where I was going wrong. I will have to study how exactly I want which aircraft set to which entry. I appreciate the offer for a merge, at this point your firm should not have to clean up the messes I made. If I hit a brick wall, I will ask further questions. Thanks for the assistance!