new landscape orientation binders


Apr 18, 2004
Which paper is used in the new binder? How many pages (with the 1" ring) will fit in this binder, compared to the Old World and Premier (3/4" ring)?

Which logbook should I buy?
We are soon to release custom paper for the new binder, it's in production right now as there was one last minute design change. I estimate the binder will hold 100 pages+ of the new custom paper. We are also developing endorsement and other professional pages for this binder. I hope to have information soon from MGOent to begin selling the paper products designed for this binder.

Thanks, Neal. I always appreciate your quick responses.

I've read of others having printing issues before today's update version. I did download the update, but I notice there are templates only for the Premier and Old World logbooks.

I'm looking for the easiest method of printing my logbook. Will printing for the new landscape logbook be more difficult, as there is not a pre-fab template to work with?
Yes, there were printing issues prior to the final release of 1.9.6. The new 'split' report series resolves this. We had 30 beta testers working on this final release and they were thrilled with the new report system and it was 'effortless' to use. The beauty of the new landscape binder is it doesn't require anything special. Use the regular Jeppesen style system. You'll just set the margins for the custom pages when they are available for sale and that's all there is to it. We plan to provide a margin sheet to go with the Landscape custom paper to take the work out of figuring it out. The intent of building this new binder was to create a binder that could handle any of the available reports from Logbook Pro.

Thanks, Neal. I'll go with the landscape binder when the paper becomes available.

Also, I love the jet engine sound as replacement for the prop sound on program start-up on the update!

Any chance some different colors will be offered ahead. I would love to see a black binder with gold lettering.
I don't think MGOent has any plans for additional colors at this time. If this binder proves successful as the Premier and Old World have, then I believe I can work with MGOent to extend the colors available.