New MGont landscape paper


Apr 18, 2004
Hi neal,

Just got the email that the new paper is available for the landscape logbooks.

1. Is the paper perforated like the Old World/Premier paper?
2. How to tell how much paper to order?


There is a slight perforated region to the LEFT of the punched holes as the right edge of the page has rounded corners. The perforation is only along the left vertical edge, again, to the left of the holes. It comes in 50/pk and a landscape binder should be able to hold approximately 100 pages according to MGOent.

Thanks for the quick (as always!) response.

Has anyone used the new paper yet? I'm wondering how many entries will fit onto 50 pages. Do you know how many entries will fit on one page?
I have :)

It is the same as the split report Jeppesen style for 8 1/2 x 11 paper. If you print a normal report on your computer now, that's exactly what will print. You can further control number of rows via page margins and in the custom templates the font/row height settings.

The beauty of the full-sized landscape binder is just that, having the ability to use all reports Logbook Pro prints in a full-sized binder. This binder was built as a result of my request about six months ago, specifically for Logbook Pro to allow for the utmost in flexibility. We have more paper products coming just like the mini's have, such as endorsement pages, etc. I'll announce when they are ready, they are still in printing and QA.