New Pocket PC


Nov 16, 2005
What is the process for transferring APDL from my old phone to my new one?
Old phone: windows moblie 2003 PPC
New phone: windows 5.0 PPC


Assuming you are sycing your PPC with Logbook Pro, you can copy the backup data created on the PC back to the new device after installing APDL PPC edition to it. You will copy the backup files to /My Documents/APDL. See this KB article for more information.
Does the same applyif you are not using Logbook Pro? I just got a new PPC phone and would like to transfer the program onto my new PPC phone. If the same does not apply, how do I go about putting APDL on the new phone?
In this case you would have to use Windows Explorer and browse the "Mobile Device" node then double-click the APDL folder (which takes you into /My Documents/APDL) and copy this to your hard drive, such as C:\APDL Backup then copy these files back to your new PPC after installing APDL to it. Doing so will create the /My Documents/APDL folder structure in which the files will need to get sent back to.
Just want to make sure I'm understaning you correctly. So I download APDL and install it on the new phone, then I take the APDL folder from the old PDA, copy it to my hard drive, then place it in the new phone PC/s APDL folder? Is that correct? The registration code and all that will then be on the new PPC.
New pocket pc

I have found the files but which one do i use?? I have many I use the latest DDD.files?


Is there someone to talk to live from support?