new update and lost time


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Jun 1, 2004
when I updated to the new version, I followed your procedure. When I opened the new log book, I noticed that all my night takeoffs are missing. Any Ideas? I added a night takeoff column that was in my orginal version but for some reason did not show up in the update and I believe that is were the problem is at. I have an extra back up from along time ago but I have not been able to import that file at all. Your new program will not reconize anything but the backup it made upon updating.
Most likely this is just a custom column that is not visible. Go to the Options...Custom, change the text of the custom field by adding a letter to the end, close the Options. Reopen the options, then change it back to what it was. Also go to Options...Flight Log, click Config Display and make sure the column is set to visible. The last thing to do is reset the Spreadsheet Style layout by going into the Spreadsheet area and clicking the far left icon on the sub-toolbar, then the RESET option. Close and restart Logbook Pro.

If this doesn't work, e-mail your recent backup and/or the .OLD file in the Logbook Pro folder (default is C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro) to and we'll take a look at it. There is no routine to delete data, so I'm sure it's there. We just have to get your custom column to reappear.

I reviewed your data files and I see no issues, conversion went perfect, and I have about 450'ish flights from 1967 thru 2001. There are NO custom columns defined, only the core Logbook Pro columns are in use. Unless you renamed an existing column, which I could not determine this was done as all entries look normal for the corresponding columns, I see nothing wrong.