New Version of 1.8???


Jul 14, 2002
I installed Version 1.8 a few days ago when prompted by my Logbook Pro software that an update was available. I also updated my Palm Companion to Version 1.1. Today, I received the following e-mail :

'A new upload of version 1.8 has been placed on the servers. If using the Palm or Pocket PC Companions, this fixes several issues. Download, uninstall 1.8, reinstall 1.8 and reinstall the PDA Companion software to update.'

Do I have to go through all of this again? Has the Version 1.8 upgrade changed in the past few days? I never uninstalled anything when I downloaded and installed Version 1.8 in the first place.... I am confused.... Logbook Pro seems to be working OK, but I have not tried using the Palm Companion since all of this.

Dale Collier

Since you're using the Palm Companion, you have it easier! Just download and extract and double-click the .PRC to update your Palm Companion to 1.1.3. Your data will remain, simple update for you my friend!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Thanks Neal! You are on top of it as usual.... I was just confused as to why the e-mail message indicated that I would have to uninstall and then reinstall 1.8. This was much easier!!!

Dale Collier
Well, good news followed by bad news, I found a bug in the backup and restore system, and am now working on 1.8.4 to be uploaded! I hope to have this available within the next 24 hours, including a PATCH this time to make this easier! Sorry for all the updates but I'm not settling with less than perfect! So, some will be upset with the updates, some will be happy for the effort I'm putting in to get it right! Hopefully all will understand! A lot has changed under the hood with 1.8 and they simply slipped past the 50 member beta team and myself and that's just how it goes! I will continue to give this my 110% to get it right for you all!!!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Thanks again. I have no problem with all the updates. I am glad you are so dedicated to making this program work so well.

Although everything seems to be working fine, I am still curious as to why the original e-mail message about 1.8 called for an uninstall and then a reinstall ('Download, uninstall 1.8, reinstall 1.8 and reinstall the PDA Companion software to update.&quot/forums/emoticons/wink.gif...? I never did uninstall anything...

I also wonder why the block that keeps track of 'Approaches & Type' only lists the number of approaches in the block until selected, thus bringing up the window listing the types of approaches. I assume it was a limited space factor...

Also, have you yet included a function allowing customization of the 'Time Chart' used for Autofill? The Air Force time chart you use is slightly different than the computerized chart used by my company.

Happy Holidays,

I don't recall the reasoning behind the uninstall/reinstall. Many brain cells ago!

As for the Approaches, I assume you are talking about the Windows Style log area? Just keeping the UI clean, not everyone is instrument certified aka does approaches so they may not want their screen cluttered with things they don't use.

No new functionality on the time chart, that will have to wait for version 2, when that time comes (and don't ask when, I don't have any date or time frame at this time). /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

Happy Holidays!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.