Nothing Transfered From Treo 650


Dec 6, 2005
Ashland Oregon
On Sync, nothing at all is transfered to the APDL folder in Program Files/Palmone/myfile/APDL. All software is registered and Im sure I have the settings right on the Single Sync and have all the required data entered in the Treo. I tried hitting the s button on every page I have data but I get nothing to go across to the PC.

Hello Jay,

The "s" button is more for the Pocket PC due to the way it handles memory. Make sure you have the correct Palm username selected in SingleSync and check the configuration thoroughly. You may want to try starting and stopping HotSync then reattempt the sync.
Okay I tried that but no luck. I did find out what was wrong though and now just need a fix. The Logpro and Single Sync are installed on f: drive, along with everything else in my life but APDL installed to C: which is just a storage drive (because its an unreliable IBM75GPX or something) for junk. Now, how can I get APDL to install to F:... Thanks

So, I should reinstall the logpro, and single synch and APDL to C:...? Can I direct the other software to instal there? It seems to have defaulted to F of the other programs.
The installers will take care of any required installation paths, i.e. if it is required to be installed on the C drive, it will do so without giving you the option of interfering. So this should not be the issue. I suggest sending us your apdl_synclog.txt and conduit.txt files located in C:\Program Files\palmOne\{Your Palm Username}\APDL for review. You can e-mail them to or zip compress the two files and submit a support ticket.