Ok printing question


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Jan 7, 2004
I have been reading all the threads on printing and I'm confused now.
What binder and paper do I need to buy to print out 5000 flights on the jep style paper? Full size?

I like the dark colored binder that I see in the store will that work for printing?


With that many flights, yes, I do recommend our largest binder. You can run the report within Logbook Pro and see how many pages of paper you will need (pay attention to the page numbers on the previewed pages, not the nav bar in the report window). The large binder will hold approx 80-100 pages of the MGOent paper, which is recommended as well.
Ok the last page I see when I run the report is numbered 410 so I need 410 pages of this paper? Is there some kind of discount for a large buy like this? The $133 binder and 3 3 packs for $243 is not giving me a warm fuzzy feeling to print these out. Any kind of volume discount?
When you run the Split-Series reports you have the ability to print front/back (duplex) either via a duplex printer or by printing lefts and rights separately, rotating the paper as required. Therefore, look at the page number on the last previewed page and cut that in half. Therefore if you have 205 printed pages, that's 5 packs of paper you would need and two binders should work, but may be tight with that number of pages. Congratulations on a great aviation career thus far.