Part 1 vs Part 61 P.I.C. Time


Feb 16, 2005
Goldsboro, NC
It seems more and more companies are requesting only that P.I.C. time for which you signed for the airplane and act as aircraft commander. As a Strike Eagle instructor (F-15E's), I have several sorties in the back seat where I was instructing and met the requirements for P.I.C. time according to Part 61. However, after the 6th flight in the course, the students sign for the aircraft, thus "violating" the requirements for P.I.C. time according to Part 1. I have added those fields to my logbook pro flight logas custom time fields, but is there a way to add that into the program? I have found I am using up the custom fields pretty quickly with all of the "special" or unique military times we track.

Hello Scott,

I'm not sure what you are asking to 'add to the program' as the custom fields are for the purpose of extending Logbook Pro for any custom requirements. I can't go into 'how to log' but I'd offer that if you log PIC then PIC is PIC and no one is going to look into what kind of PIC you are logging, as you outlined. The filter capability of the Analyzer should also help you out quite a bit if you further extend the program and need to filter by specifics or export to Excel (from the Analyzer) for even further analysis. The next version of Logbook Pro 'may' have unlimited custom columns of various types. I say that as nothing is in concrete until it's released, but that is the current plan. We try to make Logbook Pro 'generic' for all and not favor military, corporate, etc. and allow you to take Logbook Pro and morph it to your needs.


It is not that simple. PIC is not just PIC. There are two different FAA definitions like TrapAv8r describes. This is not just a problem for military pilots.
One way to solve the problem is to ad a column for Captain (Since you will have to do this anyway when you try to make the Logbook JAA compliant) Then it would be fairly simple to filter FAR1 PIC time.