Part 135 Setup

Oct 5, 2006
We just recently purchased the Enterprise edition to help us track pilot duty limits in our Part 135 operation.

Does anyone have any hints about setting up the currency for the Part 135.293 Tests and the 135.297 IPC? Basically, the 135.293 is good for 12 months and the 135.297 is good for 6. However, the 135.293 can be used in lieu of a 135.297, but not vice versa.

I tried using the "any to pass" function, but that won't work because the longer time frame of the 135.293 Test makes the argument "True" for 12 months, even though a 135.297 check is due after 6 months. But if I try setting it up as an "all to pass" function, then the pilot would show as not current even after taking the more-comprehensive 135.293 Test.

Any ideas?


Can you outline the verbage of your currencies? You may have to simply create two currencies and cross-reference them, in other words "know" that if one is passed then you're good to go. We are going to look at referencing other currencies in the new currency system with version 2, but we have to look out for circular loops, i.e. if you reference a currency which that currency references the current calling currency, earth will blow up! :) But if you tell me details of what you're trying to do, i.e. layout the requirements of your currency, I and others here can try to assist you better.
I too am interested in Part 135 currencies and/or history events. Does anyone have suggestions?

Any possibility of customizable currency templates within logbookpro for "standard" currencies?