Pay based on duty time not block...


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Jul 16, 2009
How do I set up APDL to calculate pay for this circumstance?

I am paid an hourly rate for duty time, any time spent at work over 40 hours a week is paid at 150%

I think there is a way to do this with the TAFB Rig but I want to make sure I set it up appropriately.

Also I have a minimum guarantee of 35 hours a week, is there a way to set this up as well?

I am running APDL on PALM OS (not web os) and syncing it to Professional on a XP system


(I do not get paid in any such way for Block time) it is strictly Duty time
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APDL isn't designed exactly for what you want to do. Please try the following as a work around.

If you can't get it to work please submit a support ticket.

APDL also doesn't look at montly guarantees.

Set up a DUTY pay category and check the APPLY to pay box and leave the 30/7 and APPLY to FLIGHT boxes blank. Then enter the times you are ON DUTY as a fake flight using the DUTY category.

Then setup another category called DUTY 150 and use that when you are above 40 hours for the month.

Modify the block category and uncheck APPLY TO PAY. It will then just track your flying without applying to it to pay.