Pay Rates


Nov 15, 2001
There are a couple of sections to APDL where I can enter pay rates. The PReferences and for each aircraft. What is the point of entering it for each tail number and does that number affect my $$$ amounts? Or, does APDL just use the rate in the preferences to calculate this? I would really hate to have to change the rate for each aircraft everytime my rate changes. Sometimes my pay for a short day is showing a screwy number that doesn't correspond with any rate I have ever entered.

I personally wouldn't use the payrate for each aircraft. I would set the default payrate in the Preference. Then create a seperate Pay Category for the different aircraft. This would produce more accurate pay calcualtions and is easier to keep track of change every year with your pay raise.
How would one create the separate pay category for each aircraft?

For example, I fly three different configuration aircraft. Pay is based upon a percentage of the base aircraft, depending on the configuration.
Go into Preference Pay Categories and create new categories and use the apply pay rate line and check the box for it. Then on each log page select the appropriate pay category for the plane you are in.
A sufficient temporary fix. However, a permanent solution would be very useful, as I can think of many situations where this would become burdensome. One example would be in a Junior Manning situation on a different configuration of aircraft, where my company pays 150% for a JM--it would require 3 more categories...
Please post this in the wishlist. However, APDL was primarily designed as a logbook first and a financial tool second. It cannot take into account every airlines pay setup.