Payroll Adjustment


Jan 5, 2015
I went into a trip and tried to add a payroll adjustment and wasn't able to get the save button to even be clickable.

I went into a pairing: selected add segment, selected payroll and the within the menu picked "pay adjustment above guarantee", entered the time adjustment and added a note

I can't save it though. The save button never highlights.

Any help?
To get the save button to be active you need to input a flight number, scheduled times, and at least the departure station.
If you are trying to make a change to a flight you already have entered you should be able to just go into the flight and make the change.

If you've already completed the flight, you will have to tap the lock at the top right to make any edits.
Chris I was able to do it but as soon as I tried to hit save it caused the app to crash. And it would crash everytime I tried to reopen it. Neal said there's an update being pushed through Apple now. He couldn't recreate the issue on his current version
What if I'm just trying to add a credit adjustment for holiday pay? Just append it to some random leg then?
Payroll is the next section to get some neat additions and functionality. One big question is whether or not a blank leg, such as holiday pay, will get imported into LBP once sync goes live.
For holiday pay you could create a custom payroll category for holiday and use override pay rate or a minimum credit to achieve what you need without using a pay adjustment entry.
What about training days? We get $80 a day for recurrent ground. I'm trying to figure out the best way to put that on my schedule.
We don't currently have an option for a set dollar amount of pay per day. As mentioned in post 7, payroll is in the works to be getting new capabilities.

Create a recurrent ground payroll category. If your recurrent ground school is always the same number of hours per day, you could divide $80 by the number of hours and override the pay rate to that value. If it is different each day you could set the override pay rate to $1 and minimum credit 80 hours.

It is important to set the actual number of hours of ground for accurate cumulative duty and rest calculations.
Thanks Andy! Love the app thus far and look forward to all of the updates. As always these things are always a work in progress and ever changing.