Payroll Categories???


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Apr 4, 2007
I've read the users guide and searched the forums, but am still lost! What exactly does the pay category do? Does it just affect pay credit?

Also, where can I find a good explanation of what each pay category is, and how they interact with rigs/guarantee? Especially what is Above Block? Is that additional pay for over block, or is that what I select if I'm paid the greater of block or scheduled.

My pay is credited by leg, at scheduled block or actual, whichever is greater.

So how do I set up pay category, and rigs?

Sorry if this has been explained, but I cannot seem to figure it out. Maybe its time to call in fatigued!


I would also like to create an additional Payroll category for 120% pay. I'm paid 120% for open time, but it should not affect Flight or duty times.
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