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Pocket PC Companion 121/135 Lookback


Oct 29, 2003
I bit the bullet and purchased the "professional" upgrade to get the v1.9.8 upgrade. My compter says it is now v1.9.8 and after uninstalling/reinstalling my Pocket PC Companion, it now says it is v1.9.8 too.

Whenever I go to lookback on the Pocket PC, it says "requires prof/ent edition" for the 121 and 135 tabs. Didn't I just buy this with my upgrade? How do I get these tabs to work?

When you start Logbook Pro on the PC, does it say Professional Edition? If so, click the Lookback button on the status bar (bottom) of Logbook Pro, can you view FAR 121/135 data? If so, continue, go into ActiveSync after your PPC is cradled and click the Sync button to force a sync. Does it show on your PPC now (Lookback area)?

Hi Neal,

I upgraded to Logbook Pro v1.9.8 and I have the Standard Edition. When I had v1.9.7.1, I could use the FAR 121 feature on the Lookback button on the bottom of the Logbook Pro screen. Since I upgraded to v1.9.8, the butons are grayed out now. Does this mean I have to reset this feature somewhere or is it not available to me. Thanks.


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You can continue to use and the FAR 121 features as it was in that version, or upgrade to 1.9.8 which has the 121 and 135 features only in the Professional Edition and above. This is covered in the 1.9.8 revision history and the recent newsletter. You can upgrade to the Professional Edition for $30 throughout the month of February.

Hello Neal,

I'm bringing this thread up to the top again. First of all, thanks for your top-notch program and top-notch support...LBP is excellent. However, I want to comment regarding the necessary upgrade to Professional/Enterprise Editions to use the previously available 121/135 Lookback feature. I don't need to have LBP on two computers...that's why I purchased the PDA Companion....I synchronize my PDA to my computer. If I upgrade to LBP Professional, even for $30.00, I'm paying for a feature I don't and won't need because I already purchased the PDA Companion. Again, thanks.