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Postion Category Defaults


Nov 8, 2005
I have changed airlines, aircraft and seat, but I cannot get my schedules to default to FO-PF-DAY in ADPL. They Still Default to CA-PF-DAY. I get a warning about messing up landings etc. when I hit the default button. What is the correct procedure to set this default correctly? Thanks.
If you have time currently in APDL as CA-PNF-DAY I wouldn't recommend changing it. The only way to change the Default is to rename the first Position Category in the list and previous data may be affected.

If you wish to still do this, please make a backup of the following directory:

Palm OS
    • (C:\Program Files\palmOne\[your palm username]\Backup)
    • note: the palmone name may vary slightly (e.g. Palm, Visor, Handspring, etc)
  • Pocket PC OS
    • On your PocketPC(/My Documents/APDL)