Printing (again)


Feb 10, 2002
I just received my old world binder and a buncha sheets ;)

Now what I want to do is print so that page 1 and page 2 face each other like a paper log book, however the following issues are making this a royal pifa ;)

1) using the "old world" report style and the "mgoent universal" report styles makes no difference

2) turning on "position for duplex printing" makes no noticable difference in the page output

3) using the duplex function of my printer (canon i9100 if that helps) only changes the output in that it prints the odd sides first, then waits for me to flip the pages and print the even side.

4) the row size is fixed, so if you have a lengthy remarks section the output gets really funky and unreadable at the top and bottom of the row (and the only way to fix it that I have found is to make it so all of the rows are large enough to accomodate the few lengthy ones... and I have to guess until i get it right) It would be nice if the row size was automagically adjusted for each row to fit the entire remarks section in (perhaps a option to turn that feature on and off for those who want fixed sizes too?)

The output comes out with the wide margin for the pages is on the right of the page, and the narrow margin is on the left on both pages. I'll check out fine print and see how it does next.
You may find the duplex option of your printer is the best option, but the way yours duplexes is a little odd. To get the open book layout like you want, you will need to use the cover page option so it forces the printouts to the format you want. In 1.9.6 the reports for the binders are getting completely redone to make the printing and duplexing much easier.