Printing and Version


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Jun 13, 2004
southern cal.

I have a question. I am getting ready to purchase the expensive logbook and paper from you and am going to print out for the first time on my laser printer. However i got to thinking that i will hold off on the printing if i am going to have many more unique options to print with Version 2. It's a lot of money spent all to reprint and possibly re purchase a new binder because there are going to be some better looking options with version 2. Is it possible to let me know if there are going to be some printing options in Version 2 that aren't in the current version?

Thanks much!

We haven't gotten to the printing features of version 2 yet, however, we will continue to support the Cirrus Elite binder products. The split-report system is outstanding and has no problems printing for the Cirrus Elite binders. We do quite a few turn-key print jobs and it works perfect, no problems noted at all! No reason to wait for version 2, which now looks like an end of year release availability.