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Printing Black Line


Jun 24, 2005
Kingwod, TX
I went to print out my logbook in Jeppesen Style, then "Jeppesen Style Flight Log". Everything printed out great but then 13 pages in I had one page print with a solid black line horizontally blacking out one of my legs.

Any thoughts on how to remedy this?

Hello Ryan,

This is most likely a problem outside that of Logbook Pro, i.e. a printer or driver issue. You could determine which page (in the previewer) it is and print only this one page again instead of printing all pages.
I do not believe that it is a printer or driver error since I have duplicated the problem on several printers. I have also tried to delete that flight and re-add it into the logbook... the black line still appears. I am successful at printing the first 23 pages of my logbook... but on page 24 it is haunted.

In order to help you further I need to see your data. Please submit a support ticket and use the Attachment feature to include a backup (File..Archive..Backup) and specify clearly which report to run and exactly what to look for.