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Printing custom reports.


Feb 5, 2004
I would like to print out the Jepp style report on a 8.5 x 11 sheet (protrait). When I try, the page is too large to fit, the dashed red line indicates that some of the report will be omitted. I have tried adjusting the page size with no luck. Can I either scale the page down to fit or remove some of the columns (I don't plan on glider time or ME or SE seaplane).

Hello Scooter,

In Logbook Pro you cannot remove columns, however, there is a system in one of the report series that you can use to make a single page report layout. You need to adjust the cover page option (not available in the preferred Split-Report system) as discussed in the documentation on reports. You could run this style of report, export it to PDF, then use Adobe Acrobat (or Acrobat Reader) to size the page to fit. Some people use 8 1/2 x 14 sized paper or 11 x 17 if your printer supports it. A few ideas to get you headed in the right direction.
Neal, why is there no option to customize the reports like so many people want?

Is this not just simply a database displaying records, and doing totals per page? Maybe I'm oversimplifying it, but please clarify it for me.

Also, in the tutorial video, it shows you able to select "custom" for page size, however, in the current version, that is not available.

I like Logbook pro, and mainly what I use it for is to double check my math on the paper logbook. I adjusted the top/bottom margins like you said to shrink down what it calculates, and that works great. Now I'm getting into different types of planes, such as complex, and would like a column to reflect that just as it is in my paper logbook, but at this time I can't do that, unless I give up another column, all of which I need.

Please tell me what to do to avoid shopping for another logbook software.

Thank you
Neal, I've obviously already reviewed the documentation, and found it to be inadequate. I expected a little more from you than just a canned "RTFM" response.... Did you even read what I wrote?
This is the documentation that I read before I originally posted. I wanted to add / remove fields on the Jepp layout, but you have made it clear that its not possible to do that. I just want to make it look more like the paper logbook, for easier verification. I can change the data that appears in certain columns, but I can't change the width of the columns, or how many fields are under a category, such as "Aircraft category & Class". My paper logbook only has a place for 4, and I have no need for Rotorcraft or glider (at this time, with this logbook) What I wanted to know is why is it so difficult?

As the documentation states you cannot add, remove, or resize columns. We do allow you basic control of your templates by replacing text and data field assignments, formatting, etc. We will have a much better system in version 2 due out in 6-9 months.