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printing logged flights


New member
Jun 23, 2005
I'm new (still trying), don't know how I print my flown flights. I don't see the "print icon" on my pda.
Do I have to somehow( if so tell me how) move the information from my pda to my computer?
I'm using HP Ipaq rx3115 pda and a HP m1270n pc if that helps.
Thanks for the help!!

You have several options. Basic/Limited printing capability using SingleSync, our web based report tool, or sync to the more powerful Logbook Pro for full analysis and printing power. Please visit the APDL Portal for more information, documentation, and free resources.

I am sorry, but when I clicked on 'SingleSync' or 'web based report tool' I was directed to your home page. I do not see any link to 'printing' or 'SingleSync' on your web page. Could you be more detailed please.

Thank you.