Printing more info in Standard Log


Oct 16, 2004
I want to print on one page so i was goint to use the standard reporting facility rather than the Jepp style, however, i want to print turbo prop and trubo fan and done see a way to add that to the spreadsheet via the configure display option.
thanks in advance for your assistance

If you want to modify information on the reports, I suggest using the Split Style report system and create a custom template. Please refer to the documentation on how to do this by clicking Help...Contents then viewing the Reports section.

Can you do a custom template in the "standard" vs the "jepp" style? The only options I see under the split screen is Jepp and the MGOent.I would like to use the standard list format rather than the Jepp butI want to have Turboprop and Turbofan on. The standard prints the spreadsheet. I am unable to view turboprop/jet on the screen and i have reviewed the tutorials and help screens and have not found a way to make that happen. Thanks

No, I'm sorry there is no custom template system for the Standard report. You can show the columns you desire by using the Jepp template or view the information in other reports such as:

1) Reports..Aircraft..Aircraft Configuration Totals Summary
2) Reports..Flight Log...Percentages Summary

Hope this helps.