Printing out my logbook


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Dec 9, 2003
Chicago, IL
Got an interview coming up, and I just printed out a report in logbook pro.
Is the correct way to do this Reports/Flight Log/Jeppesen Style?

My other concern is, that once I printed them out, I am noticing it is "impossible" to find a binder for the printed out pages. No office stores carry binders that allow you to put in the 8 1/2 x 11 sideways. So I guess I am stuck putting it in a regular binder, as I have no time to order one online.
Got an interview in 48 hrs, won't get the binder intime. Thanks though, guess Ill put it in a regular 3ring binder
What the airline reaction to this style log VS a traditional log? Any comments about not seeing endorsements? Did you get the job? I would love to hear what they said...My interview is next week.

I have never heard one person say they had any problem taking their Logbook Pro logbook to an interview, or any occasion for that matter. I've heard numerous reviews over the years how their interviewers were impressed with the Logbook Pro logbook. It is clean, professional, well organized, and has a reputation with Logbook Pro being around for over 10 years now of accuracy and confidence. This is why our reports say "Generated by Logbook Pro" on the bottom left, to represent credibility in your logbook data as anyone reading the printouts knows very well Logbook Pro is established and accurate.

However, naturally this forum is biased, we are the owners and users of Logbook Pro. I suggest posting your question on other aviation forums and ask the larger aviation communities. Suggestions are and, among others.

Anyone else on this forum is welcome to provide their insight as well. Electronic is the way to go and is widely accepted. Regarding endorsements, you can keep your endorsements in the back of your logbook printouts. We sell endorsement solutions for our leather binders. And you can always keep them in your written logbooks as well and have them available if anyone wants to see them. We will have imaging support in the next version of Logbook Pro so your endorsements can be electronically filed as well.
In talking with many of my colleagues that use Logbook Pro they all have said that the airlines were impressed with computerized printout. They have also remarked they knew the times were correct since they were done on a computer. I personally would take my paper logs with me in case anyone asked to see the orginal signatures for my checkrides.