Printing, preferably Jepp style to 8.5 x 14 page


Nov 15, 2004

My old logbooks were on a Jeppesen style logbook. Now that I switched to digital format, I need your help printing this for my 121 Captain upgrade, which the FAA be scrutinizing, especially now that I went to a PC format and tossed out the traditional method.

So, preferably I would like to print Jepp style, remove the gap between the pages and shrink it to a 8.5 x 14 legal, or 8.5 x 11 standard. Is this possible? Does it have to conform to the same amount of rows as a Jepp logbook? Can I shrink it to fit on a 8.5 x 14 and let it just print as much as many rows as possible per page? It doesn't have to be Jeppesen style. I need something that will get the most amount of data in the least amount of pages continuously.

BTW which video explains the printing of Jepp style, I can't find it?

Hello Don G.,

The videos do not cover the report system that is in and later that I am going to recommend, and that is the new "Split Series" reports. Hopefully you are using the latest update which is as I do recommend keeping up-to-date for the latest and greatest, and since you're 121, you'll like the new Reports...Miscellaneous...FAR 121 Status report.

So take a look at the Reports...Flight Log...Split Reports...Jeppesen style reports. I've heard nothing but good things about people taking the professional outputs of Logbook Pro into interviews, etc. It shows your desire for accuracy and professionalism. If you really want a polished image, I suggest the MGOent 98-004 binder with the custom paper that goes with it.

Also take a look at the documentation by clicking Help...Contents, and read on the reports, or view here online.

Thanks Neal. Will that custom paper fit in a regular 8.5x11 printer? It doesn't look like it from the proportions from the online picture.
Neal, the problem with my printer is that only 8.5x11 will fit prior to printing, so that custom paper won't work for me.

I did some digging, trial and error. FYI, the tutorial video for Reporting Basics is not working properly; it stops almost half way. The Advanced Reporting tutorial touched on what some of us are attempting. I did manage to get rid of the gap and export it to PDF. However, the page break gap presents a little problem with printing, similar to what you encountered in the tutorial video. I was able to print it from Acrobat with a 'shrink to fit' option checked, but the trade-off was it wouldn't print to the maximum potential of a 8.5x14. I think the problem with 'shrink to fit' is when it exported, there are a few inches of empty white space on the right side of the logbook report page that was exported together. Thus, when 'shrink to fit' is checked, it sized down the entire page exported to Acrobat, not necessarily the desirable printing area I wanted specifically. The end result is I got it to print, but it was within the area of 8.5x11 even though I have 8.5x14 checked--that empty space to the right was factored into the 'shrink to fit.' Sorry if this is confusing.
Don G.

I think I may have confused you. The custom paper IS, I say again IS 8.5 x 11 so you can print it just like any other paper you print out. AFTER you print your data, you then tear away the perforated edges and place in the binder. All the custom MGOent pages are 8 1/2 x 11 so they can be printed in any printer. Logbook Pro has the printable area customized for these pages so it prints inside the perforated areas.